1. Example: John Doe- Age 32
  2. If so, how long have you been engaged and do you have a wedding date?
  3. How long have you dated? How do you feel about the current relationship? What do you see for your future together?
  4. Do you take vacations together? Facetime? Go to lunch together? Go out together? Do they come over to your house? and share holidays together? Are they still close with your family? Do you all share personal information? Please be as detailed and open as possible.
  5. How often are you at one another's homes? How often do you see each other in person? Meet in person? Talk or Facetime? Text? Call? How CONNECTED are you?
  6. Do you work together? Live together? Buy each other clothing, gifts, groceries? Do you celebrate together? Holidays, birthdays, get togethers? Co own pets together?

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  8. Eligibility Requirements& Release
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